Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Content or Discontent

Lately I've been spending a lot of time enjoying
the outdoors with Mom and Daddy.
My days have rolled together, one after another,
into a beautiful summertime experience.
With little change from day to day,
there hasn't been much to write about.
Well, except that it's been a cat's life for me.

Caturday, however, did yield an adventure.

I got to go out and about with my humans.

Sunday, however, I was not able to go with them.
So, finding myself home alone, I put Yoda-Mouse
in my food bowl for company.

Then, after days of contentedly spending time outdoors, it returned.
What is 'it' you ask?
My own sense of discontent.
I was no longer content with the hours of outside time I was getting.
I wanted more.

I want the door to stay open day and night.
I want to be able to go out when I want and come in when I want.
AND I want the security of Mom watching me closely
every moment of every day.

For some reason, she won't go for it.
So yesterday I lounged on the patio chair.

I wandered onto the sidewalk.

I rolled around.

I watched the sky for birds.

I watched the neighbor's window for Felix.

I chomped on the fully green tasty plant.

I visited Felix when he finally appeared.

And when Mom said it was time to go indoors,
I moped.

I am, after all, a discontented cat.


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