Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Upstairs Angel

Yesterday ,when Mom and I visited 
the Nice Ladies in the office, I curled up under my favorite chair 
and went to sleep.

Eventually Mom lifted the flap that hides the 
underneath part of the chair.

At first I was distracted by a woman walking through the exit door.

Then, when Mom kept calling me, I turned my attention to her.

"Oh, are you really wanting to go home now?"

I got to enjoy some time outside.
Upstairs Calico was out on her patio.
So was the Tabby and their human as well.

Mom began talking to the Upstairs Human.
Then, she began to refer to Upstairs Calico as 'Your Angel';
saying things like, "Winchester, Your Angel is looking for you."
At first, I thought that was a weird name.
Then I heard Mom talk to Upstairs Calico.
That time she just said, "Hi, Angel".
Well, that makes more sense.
Angel is a much better name than Your Angel.

When nighttime came, Mom and Daddy left me for a few hours again.
Mom made a point to leave Mimzy in the hallway for me.
By the time they came home I had moved Mimzy to here:

Under the dining room chair.

Of course, once they came home I had no further interest in Mimzy.

All I could think about was a nighttime reconnaissance.
Or at least a look in the upstairs window for Angel.