Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Yesterday was miserable.

First of all, Mom left me for hours.
When she returned, she went out to the hot tub.
I was hopeful when Daddy came home a short time later.

He went out and talked with Mom for awhile before they both
came back into the house.

I don't think they were home for very long when Uncle showed up.
After a brief visit, he left.
Then Mom and Daddy followed.

I was alone again.

Finally they all came home, including Auntie.

Mom was kind enough to take me for a nighttime walk...
er...I mean reconnaissance.

Once my recon was over, however, I felt ignored 
by the humans.

I crawled into my box.

I was so depressed.

Eventually Daddy went to bed, Auntie and Uncle left,
and Mom and I were alone.

She reached in to pet me.
I lashed out at her.
She talked to me and tried again.
I lashed out again, but with a bit more playful attitude.
She took my collar off and scratched my neck where it had been.
That did it.  I had to admit that I wanted her affection.

I came out and curled up on the couch next to her.