Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hissy Fit

This week I've been a bit of a brat.
Well, that's normal I suppose.

I have been to visit the Nice Ladies in the office.
While there, I enjoyed the usual roll on the chair.

I almost got my head stuck at one point,
but then I remembered...I'm small.

So, later, I put my head through the rungs just for fun.
I was really cute, but I refused to let Mom catch a photo of it.

I also enjoy the chair at home.
Of course, this is me refusing to look at the camera
despite Mom's pleading:

I've spent quite a lot of time in my various boxes.
You know, the ones that reflect my mood.

I would often go right past 'rebellion' and 'ultimate rebellion'...

...landing in 'alternate rebellion'.
Of course, that just means that my rebellion is beyond adjectives.
Of course, there's no looking into the camera when one
is alternately rebelling. 

I've also been able to enjoy some time outside as per usual for the summer.

I like rolling around on the sidewalk near the clubhouse door.
I also like getting pets from Mom...
just NOT on that ticklish spot!

This is the only time I've allowed Mom to take pictures
of me while I'm being cute.

You may be wondering exactly what about my behavior
qualifies me as a brat.
Well, you see it here when Mom touches my ticklish
spot a second time.

That's right.
I hissed.
Maybe bit a little, but it was gentle.
Well, you may be saying that it was Mom's fault...
and you'd be right.
Except that I also hissed at Felix...
And whenever Mom tells me to go in the house....
Or when I steal the chair she's been sitting in....

 Truth be told, I've been hissing for a lot of reasons.
At least once a day.

I just hiss.
Is that so bad?
It's not like I'm biting and clawing.
At least not in a truly aggressive way.
Sure, Mom and Daddy have been calling me "Hissy McFits" lately.
So what?
Can I help it if I want my own way?
Mom's been talking to me about ways to put an end
to my bratty behavior.

At least I left my fur all over the clubhouse door.

If I can't get my way, at least I can make Mom clean up after me.