Thursday, July 30, 2015

Days Later...

So it's been awhile since I've blogged.
It seems the summer has changed Mom's behavior drastically.
She's been no help and all.
Let's face it, I need her to do the typing.
So, while she bustles around doing her random human activities,
I've been stuck in wait mode.

I don't really mind wait mode, but after awhile I get bored.

Really bored.
So I have to find ways to entertain myself.

That's when Mom finally takes notice and tries to 
remember where she put the camera.

I even have to entertain myself when we go outside.

There was ONE eventful day.
We all got into the car suddenly and drove across town.

It turns out that we were picking up Quiet Girl.

I've come to realize that she and Mom are actually communicating
with their hands instead of their voices.
Some cats prefer to use body language to communicate as well,
but not me.
I love being vocal about everything.

I guess, before I was born, Quiet Girl used to live
upstairs from Mom and Daddy.
So, as it turns out, she and Mom went up to visit
her old apartment while I stayed downstairs with Daddy.

Mom did holler down at me to say 'hi', but I ignored her.

I also made at least one visit to the Nice Ladies in the office.

Maintenance Guy 2 had left some roses for Mom
that day in appreciation of some bother that Mom had 
dealt with one morning.
The key word is 'morning'.
You see, Mom doesn't do mornings.
She, very sensibly, keeps cat hours.

It was very nice of him.
After all, I enjoyed the roses too.

I've also continued my neighborly relations with Felix.
I am a bit concerned, however, with his apparent 
obsession with my tail.

He also seems a bit needy.
I just try my best to tolerate it.

Mom says that I'm the needy one in that relationship.
I say, just because I sit outside staring at Felix's window
for hours until he finally shows up doesn't mean I'm needy.

It means I'm BORED, Mom!

Seriously bored.
I can't even begin to tell you how bored I've been lately.
Sooner or later the weather will get cold and Mom will
go back to normal.

Truthfully, I think it will be later than sooner.