Monday, July 13, 2015

My Face When...

Lately Mom's been a lackadaisical when it comes to
taking pictures of me.
Mind you, I've kind of been enjoying the lack of 
camera in my face.
It also seems that the blog will be changing what time of 
day it's to be released.

Despite all the change, Mom has managed to capture
a few photos of me over the past few days.
Not always the photos I want taken, but photos
of adorable me none the less.

You see, this is my face when Mom tells me "no":

This is my face when I take one last glance in the 
forbidden direction for whatever reason:

This, of course it my face when I roll on the sidewalk
and glance hopefully at my neighbors' windows.

Which brings me to this face that I reserve for looking at my 
neighbor, Felix:

Of course my back is, therefore, turned to the camera.
I also turn my back to the camera when I just don't
want my picture taken.
It looks something like this:

On the other hand,
this is my face when it's bedtime
and I'm expecting the usual pets from Mom:

So, as the summer goes on,
my summer routine has continued.
I go outside as much as Mom and Daddy will allow.
I watch my neighbors' windows hoping for some
little bit of social interaction.

I watch for birds.

I search for the best bits of tasty plant.

Then, of course, I go back to watching for my neighbors.

I live for those moments when Felix shows
his face in the window.

Then we just hang out.
Felix still wonders why Mom
is always carrying that camera.

I tell him to just ignore the crazy human.

He says that he would,
but he's just too curious.

Oh, I should mention that it's not just my cute face
Mom takes pictures of.

These are my cute feet...

...when I'm eagerly expecting Felix or Coco to appear.

The sad bit of news, is that the heat wave has ended.
Well, that may not seem like sad news to you,
but it means that there's been thunderstorms.

I HATE thunder.
Not to mention rain.

So I've taken to remaining indoors when storms arrive.
Today there was a vicious storm that blew through.
So, when Mom asked if I wanted to go to the Nice Ladies' office
with her, I gave her this face:

Even though the storm hadn't hit yet, I could feel
it coming.

Although I pretended to be annoyed when she
gave me some affection,
the truth is that I liked it.

Of course, I couldn't tell her that.
So I just tried to act normal.

I gave her my 'go away, I'm busy cleaning
myself' face.

After all, I am by nature a discontented cat.
That's my stance and I'm sticking to it.