Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 4th and Other Parts of Summer

Lately I've just been whiling away my time.
My mind hasn't been on getting the blog done.
So, for that, I apologize.

I didn't track my daily routine, because there
simply was no routine to speak of.
So, we will call this 'The First Part'.

This is the part where I swatted a passing June bug right out of the air.
After all, it was the last day of June an it had to be brought down.
Once it had crash landed in the grass, I proceeded to
keep it grounded whilst making several attempts to eat it.

I must admit to finding the task quite difficult.
You see, June bugs have a rather hard exterior.
So, while I contemplated my next move,
the darn thing flew away.
I, however, only caught a glimpse of its departure.

So, being either unconvinced or unwilling to admit it had escaped me,
I took to hunting for it in the grass.

I was rather persistent.

Eventually I had to admit defeat.
After all, the summer still had other things to offer.

Which brings me to The Second Part.

This is the part in which I make every effort to 
make my presence known to my neighbors.
I spend as much time as possible sitting in the shade
of the clubhouse door.
From this vantage point, I can see my neighbors' windows.
(And Mom can see me.)
This is me getting in a good roll on the sidewalk in-between
glances at the windows:

So, when Coco appears in her window,
I do my best to greet her.

So you can understand the lay of the land,
here's a labeled photo:

And this is me getting as close as I can to Coco:

You may notice that this puts me directly in front of 
Felix's window.
So, inevitably, when I go to greet Coco,
Felix comes to greet me.

Felix and I have been getting to know each other quite well.

Coco merely peers down on us the best she can.

Each day, however, I become increasingly annoyed at
Felix's failed attempts to open his window.

So, if there has been any routine to my summer, it's this:

The time spent sitting in the shade waiting for the neighbors 
to make an appearance.

Along with the continued frustration that I
can't seem to get any closer to Coco.

The other part of my summer routine has been
a wonderful series of gorgeous sunsets.

In the midst of all these hot summer days,
there was ONE major event I should make note of.

So, I give you The Third Part.
This is the part in which we celebrate the 4th of July.
The annual human holiday in which we wait until sunset
before getting into the car for a short ride.

I get into my traveling bag and we walk to the same
spot we go to every year.
It's there that Mom and Daddy sit on a blanket with me
snuggled safely in-between them.

We stare at the butte in the middle of town and wait.

Eventually there's the loud bangs and the brightly colored
lights in the sky.

Despite the excitement of it all, what Mom and Daddy
seem to wait for every year is not the fireworks.
It's wondering if the butte is going to catch fire.
Which, every year, it does just that.

It never gets out of control.
I suppose all the humans are expecting it and so
take all the necessary precautions.

So, when the night's events come to a close,

we all get back into the car and drive home.

I enjoyed my night out so much that I was
in no hurry to get back inside the house.

Fortunately, it's been Mom's job to lock up the pool at night.
So I get to go out on the tether while she does her job.

All in all,
this has been a most agreeable summer.
So forgive me if I get behind on the blog.
Just remember that you can always visit my YouTubes or Google +.