Monday, October 12, 2015

Catching Up

Well, Mom and I haven't quite got back into
 the rhythm of blog posting yet.

So, I guess I'll have to bring you up to date.
Mom brought home a new patch of carpet for me.
It's on the patio in this photo, but it's been in the living room lately.

I got to go on a recon the other night
AND Mom gave me some trial off leash time.

I was good and kept close to Mom...mostly.
At one point I wandered in-between the cars
and Mom hollered at me and snapped her fingers.

I hesitated, but ultimately I obeyed.

 ThenI went by the office door to see if we would be going inside.
We weren't.

After that it was back on the leash for the rest of the recon.

Mom put the good green blanket on top of my beddy-bye
next to the window.
I've been enjoying that quite a bit.

Also, because the nights are getting colder,
Mom brought the catnip inside!

I must admit that my little area is bordering on perfection.

One fine day I consented to go on a daytime recon
with (New) Nice Lady 1 and Mom.

Tornado Girl showed up and joined us for the second half.

In case you forgot, (or just don't know),
daytime recons are done on the golf cart.

See, all this adventure in my life and Mom fails to 
turn on the computer so we can get the blog done.

Then, she failed to bring her camera with her
when we went to Nice Boy's house.

So all we got are these photos taken with her phone.

Well, I guess it was Nice Boy's house...
his family was there, but he wasn't.
I guess he's gone off to college.

They live in a different house now.
The dining room chairs are the same ones I like.

Also, after much exploring, I must say that I approve of this new house!
All the window are down on my level.

There's this awesome chaise lounge downstairs.
I meowed at Mom so she would follow me down there
so I could show her just how much I loved it.
I ran right to it, jumped up, and plopped down on it.
This is now mine:

I was pleased that Mom put her hoodie down on the ground 
by the sliding door for me.

I was displeased that she got this photo of me with my tongue
out.  I makes me look like I have lipstick on or something.

This was a better photo:

Not only were the windows down on my level,
but they open too!

Nice Boy's Dad let a moth into the house just for me to play with.

It held my interest until it was time to go home.

That was last night.
So now you're all up to date on my life.
Hopefully Mom with turn the computer on more often
so I can get the blog done.

For now, I'm hanging out in the office with all the Nice Ladies
and Mom.

In other news, my birthday is this month.
I know, because I heard my humans talking about it.
They had better make it awesome.