Friday, October 30, 2015

Fifth Birthday

Over the past few days I had become bored.
Really bored.

I began chasing my tail nightly.

I found new imaginary things to pounce.
I pounced from near...

...and far.

I spent time with my neighbor, Felix.

I tried to play with him, but that darn window was in the way.

On Tuesday I went to the office with Mom.
Then, without warning, she went to the store with
Nice Lady 2 and left me with Nice Lady 1.

I was NOT pleased.
I looked through every window hoping to see her.

Nice Lady 1 was kind enough to take photos in Mom's absence.

I waited for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, Mom returned.
I certainly gave her a piece of my mind!
Then I sat in the window next to her.

I was glad to have her back.

Then, after a long day, midnight came.
This particular midnight was important because
it marked the beginning of my 5th birthday.
Mom and Daddy are very nocturnal for humans,
so they were kind enough to give me my gift right away.

Well, this was different, but I liked it.
I mean, what's not to like about something covered in catnip?

I thanked Daddy for the gift:

Then I thanked Mom for the gift:

Then Mom added my squeaky mouse toy.

After having a bit of fun, I still had to wait until daytime
for the rest of my birthday.
So, I did what any sensible cat would do and slept until
the time was right.

Other than it being my birthday, it was a normal day for my humans.
So, I went to the office with Mom.
She tried to keep the day special for me and brought along some nip.

That certainly brightened my time at the office.

Then Mom brought Mimzy over.

Well, what's better than nip and Mimzy?
More nip of course!

After all, Mimz and nip go well together.

I had lots of fun in the office that day!

Mom was even kind enough to pick up Mimzy for
me whenever I dropped her from my chair.

Nothing worse than a dropped toy that's out of reach. a distance past the amount of energy one is willing
to expend to retrieve said toy.

After a lot of catnip and play, I accompanied Mom
to the mailbox.

Then, when Mom was done being in the office,
She let me investigate what was left of the tasty plant.

When we went indoors I headed for my food bowl.
I hadn't gone very far when I heard Mom calling to me:
"Collar off." 
Oh, well, I know those words!
I returned to get that itchy thing removed.

It was, however, still Wednesday, so Mom left me for
a few hours as usual.

When nighttime finally came around and Mom returned,
I got to go for a recon.

This was a great way to finish off my birthday.

I had a great time.
It seems that this October has been warmer than usual,
so Mom let me have a nice long walk.

Once we went back inside I was rewarded with some wet food.

I must say, I had a pretty awesome birthday.
Of course, I made sure my humans didn't get any ideas in their heads;
I acted discontented every chance I got.