Saturday, March 12, 2016

Of Mice and Neighbors

Well, I'm finally getting around to another blog post.

I've still been moody.
The weather's been all over the place.
Sun, wind, rain, sleet, name it, we've had it.
The whole thing has made me less than content.

It doesn't help that nothing seems to go my way.

I've moped about in every way possible.

Despite my moping, the weather hasn't settled where I want it.
It's persisted in being mostly wet.

All I can do is try to find comfort in the small things.

Still, Mom tried to keep me included in her daily routine.
I went with her and Happy Girl on a daytime recon.

I hung out with her in the office.
However, sometimes there where just too many humans.
The small human also came around quite a bit.
So I took matters into my own hands.

Well, what did you expect?
I wasn't about to stand my ground in my condition.
And by 'condition' I mean mood.

Standing my ground was better left to other times.
Like every night when I try to get Mom and Dad to let me 
go on a nighttime recon.

Or when I catch the scent of that mouse.

Then I stand my ground for as long as I can.

I usually mind the barrier of the fence...

...until the mouse just becomes to irresistible.

Then I give it my best shot!

Unfortunately, the grass is too dense and the mouse
burrowed too deep.

Still, day after day I took up my post.

If the mouse wasn't showing itself, I would go
over to see if Felix was available to hang out.

If he was, then I'd greet him and settle in
to keep watch over the neighborhood.

I was content sitting there by Felix's window.

Felix, on the other hand, wanted to play.

That was probably the highlight of my month.
The lowlight, if there is such a thing, came this last Friday.
Mom left the house super early with 
Facetious Human and stayed out ALL DAY.
I get depressed when Mom leaves me for an hour.
So, when she left for the entire day, I became 
overcome with melancholy.

When she finally saw fit to come home,
I didn't let her out of my sight.

I hope she's learned her lesson.