Saturday, August 1, 2015

You Call That a Recon?

Over the past couple of days July ended.

To tell you the truth, it felt a lot like June.
They were both hot.

Once again, Quiet Girl came for a visit.
I guess it's a Thursday thing.

Felix continued his attempts to make friends,
so that was nice.

We had another amazing sunset.

When Thursday night rolled around, 
we all got into the car and took Quiet Girl home.
I enjoyed my nighttime car ride, but Mom forgot the camera.

On Friday she left with one of the old Teenagers that used to come around.
She came back smelling like the river HOURS later with Daddy.

Later that night we did something new.
Well, it was new for me.
We went on a nighttime recon...sort of.
I say 'sort of' because it wasn't like my usual recon.
Mom, Daddy, and I all got into this strange thing called a golf cart.
Now, I don't know anything about golf, but I'm pretty sure
it has nothing to do with nighttime recons.

Still, it was an interesting experience.

Of course, I eventually voiced a loud complaint.
After all we only stopped once...

...and I didn't even get to get out and smell anything.
I mean, what kind of recon is that?
No checking smells?
I guess that's humans for you!

When we returned home,
I waited to see if we would go out for a proper recon.

We didn't.

So I gave in to being lazy.

Now, you might look at these pictures and find yourself
overcome with the desire to touch my amazingly cute feet.

Well, Mom certainly did anyway.

I have to admit that I enjoyed it...

...despite the fact that I was trying to pout about
the whole nighttime recon thing.


Win some, lose some, I guess.