Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back and Gone Again

So, she did it.
Mom left me for nearly three days!
I tried my best to hang out with Daddy, but I was 
just so depressed.

I wouldn't even nap on any of the usual living room furniture.
I just sat in my box hotel or on the dining room chair.

Daddy tried his best to lift my spirits by sitting outside with me.

He also let me spend some time with Felix.

We've become pretty good friends.
At least, the best we can through a window.

When Friday rolled around, Mom finally returned.
I let her know how displeased I was that she had left for so long.

She made a peace offering of catnip.
As you can see,
I prefer the stuff she trims off the plant rather than
the stuff that's still growing.

Once she was done trimming, she set the bowl down for me.
I eagerly accepted her peace offering.

Nothing beats fresh nip!
Although, it can make one a little paranoid.

Over the next two days I continued to work out my stress.
You see, I couldn't help but notice that not everything Mom
took with her on the trip came back into the house.
I thought, perhaps, that Mom was just planning to fetch
her sleeping bag out of the car the next day.
Well, Saturday came; Mom and Daddy left the house.
Upon their sleeping bag.
I showed my stress by putting Yoda-Mouse in my food bowl.

Then came Sunday.
Again, they left and returned without Mom's sleeping bag.
I turned to Mimzy in their absence.

Over the next couple of days I turned to the nip.

I tried to put the anomaly out of my mind.

Then it happened.
Mom went rummaging in the closet.
She brought out Daddy's sleeping bag and the
rest of the camping gear.

It all became clear.
Mom left her stuff in the car because she was already
planning on leaving me again.

This time Daddy would be going with her.
I would be left staring out the window wondering
if my humans would ever come home.

Oh, sure, Mom says that Sneaky Girl will be
staying over to keep me company.
Mom tried to reassure me that they would, indeed,
be coming back in a few days.

I gave Mom the cold shoulder.

Sure, this happens every August.
Sure, they always come back.
I sure don't have to like it!