Friday, May 23, 2014

Finally! A Nighttime Walk.

Yesterday was nice and warm!
Mom and I spent some time out on the patio.
I stayed in the shade under the chair.

I didn't even follow Mom when she invited me out to the tasty plant.

Then, Monday Aunt and Uncle showed up.
I know, it was Thursday, but they do that lately.

There was much watching of Doctor Who.
It seems that Monday Aunt has some catching up to do.
Then, after it was good and dark outside, our guests left.

I hoped and hoped that Mom would take me on a nighttime walk.
To my surprise, she did!

We went out the back door.

And walked down the sidewalk.

Mom let me go almost everywhere I wanted to go.

Then we came back in through the front door...

...walked through the house and went out the back door again.

Because that's the way I like it.

This time around I stopped at the tasty plant.

Then I sat and listened to the frogs...

...or whatever other sounds were out there.

After taking in more smells and sounds,
we went back in through the front door.

Then Mom let me stay out longer on the tether.

That is, until some strange Australian Shepherd ignored me
and walked straight into MY house!
Mom asked the dog to leave and it was polite enough to do so
without too much bother.

That's when Mom decided I needed to come 
back inside for the rest of the night.

I didn't care.
I wanted to stay out for at least another hour!