Saturday, May 31, 2014

Still Waiting for Summer

Yesterday they said it would be warmer
than the previous days. was.
But not enough to make up for the cloudy windy
disappointment that actually happened.

Still, I was reluctant to come home from 
visiting Nice Lady 2 in the office.
This is me doing my best to ignore the
fact that Mom is calling me:

Then Mom snapped this embarrassing photo of me
right as I yawned and started to walk towards her.

I mean, seriously, what's with that look on my face?
I look like some other cat.

As evening came, the Teenagers came over.
I hadn't seen them in a long time.
I tolerated their presence.

There was an amazing sunset...

...but I opted for retreating to my room with Daddy.

After the house was quiet again,
I curled up on my blanket on the back of the recliner.
Daddy thought I'd be more comfortable actually
on the seat of the recliner.
So he moved me, blanket and all.

I must say, he was right.

I hope the weather's better for Caturday.