Sunday, May 25, 2014

Reluctant Beginning to a Great Day

Yesterday  I greeted the day with little enthusiasm.

Despite my best efforts to remain under the bed,
Mom made me come out.

I must say, I enjoyed going out to the tasty plant.

Then, I retreated to my place under the bed.

I stayed there for quite some time before Mom,
once again, made me come out.

O.K., I have to admit, it was a pretty amazing day.
Mom and Daddy were both home.
The sun was shining.
No harness.

Before I knew it,
Mom's persistence got the best of me.

She had fixed my favorite outdoor toy...
the feathers on a string!

I think this will be good practice for finally catching those 
robins that taunt me everyday!

When we all went inside, I was still full of energy.
So Mom found one of my bouncy balls.

This is my quick turn around:

No editing!

By this point I had forgotten that I had begun
my day by hiding under the bed.

After a fair amount of play,
I settled onto the back of the recliner for a bit.
Mom let me lick the condensation off the side of her glass.

I absolutely love condensation on the side of a glass!

Then, when Mom and Daddy settled down to play
video games, I still had loads of energy.

I ran all over the house!

Hours later I had finally exhausted myself
and curled up on Mom's legs.

I had some great dreams.

This is the look of one seriously comfortable cat.