Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Sunday was a perfectly lazy day.

Sure, I spent some time in my Ultimate Box of Rebellion...

...but I spent a nice amount of time outside.

I found a new nook from which to watch the world by.

Auntie came and visited for awhile out on the patio.

Eventually Mom put the tether on me and I wandered over to the sidewalk.

All in all, a perfectly lazy Sunday!

Then night came.
That's when I found the Invaders.

I called to Mom, desperate to have her come
fix the dreadful situation.


A vicious swarm of ants had taken over my food bowl!
After a lot of fuss, Mom had finally fixed the horrible situation.

Once in awhile we still find a few scouts,

but Mom kills them promptly.
So now my food is in a different spot.
I hope the ants don't find it again.

Then Monday came.
I once again enjoyed some time outside.

And took a good nap in my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

Then Mom and I sat out on the patio to await the arrival 
of the Monday People.

Monday Aunt and Uncle were the first to arrive.
Then it was Auntie and Uncle; but something was wrong.
Auntie was holding something new in her arms.

A Valley Bulldog puppy named Holly.

Mom even dared to pet the dog.
She let me smell it on her hands.

Sarcastic Monday arrived shortly after the dog.

Then, while I watched from a safe distance,
 all MY humans oohed and aahed over the puppy.

Well, except Mom, who frequently made sure I was O.K.
And Daddy who's very allergic to dogs, so he avoided it altogether.

They kept her in one place in the dining room.
At least they respected my space that much.
Eventually I got brave enough to go look at her up close.
Then I ignored her.

Once everyone had left and all was quiet again,
Mom consoled me by offering me some condensation.

Ants in my food, dog in my house!
I hope today doesn't bring any new invaders!
I've had about all I can take!