Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nice Day. Nice Night.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful.
I enjoyed visiting the Nice Ladies in the office,
but I didn't want to stay for very long.

I also enjoyed sitting outside on the patio.

But that didn't last very long at all.
Daddy came home and took Mom away.

When he came home, he had some new patio chairs with him.
I ignored them.

Finally he went to go get Mom.
When they came home, we all sat outside.
They put me on the tether.

It was awesome!

I stalked a beetle.

Sooner or later, though, Mom made me go inside.
Daddy also brought a new box home.
I didn't pay much attention to it until Mom turned it upside-down.

Then I had quite a bit of fun with it!

Of course, what I really wanted was a nighttime walk.
So I sat on the back of the couch and pouted.

Then I moved to the door...

...and pouted.

Mom had better take me on a nighttime walk soon!