Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gotcha Day 2014

Yesterday was my Gotcha Day!
That's right, it's been 2 years since my Mom and Daddy
rescued me and brought me home.

It started off as a beautiful day!

Mom let enjoy the great outdoors.
I was allowed to follow her over to the tasty plant.

She didn't even put my harness on me right away.
This helped me to relax.
(Besides, she knows I'm to nervous to run off during the daytime)

Of course, once I was done chomping, she put the harness on.
By then I wasn't so nervous.

I know the harness can mean we're going somewhere.

After awhile we went to check the mail and visit
the Nice Ladies in the apartment office.
We stayed there longer than I would have liked,
but when we got home Mom continued to spoil me.

She gave me some new wet food which was pretty good.
Then, after a long nap, she let me outside again.

At first I was curious as to why she didn't put my harness on me.
I thought perhaps she was going to stay close to me like when we went 
to the tasty plant.
She did stay close,
but I soon realized there was another reason.

Yep, that's right. Rain.
Rain... on my Gotcha Day.

I stayed under the chair where I was sure not to get wet.

Mom knew I wouldn't be trying to wander off.
Although, that robin sure tempted me!

Before I knew it, Monday Uncle showed up.
Then Daddy, then Sarcastic Monday, and then Monday Aunt.
One by one the humans came.
I was happy to see them all.
For awhile I observed them from my high perch
within my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

I wasn't rebelling though.
When all the humans settled in the living room,
I curled up on Mom's lap.

Then Auntie and Uncle showed up too!
Everyone was so nice to me and wished me 
a happy Adoption Day.

It sure was nice to have most of my favorite humans there
on my special day.

I had good dreams.

And Mom let me nap on her lap for a long time!

Yep!  Today was pretty awesome!

When I get up, I'm going to see if Mom will play 'string' with me.