Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weather: Improved

Yesterday, after a little prompting from Mom,
I ventured outside.

I discovered that the weather was indeed better than
it has been in recent days.

There were a lot of humans outside,
so I stayed under the chair for a good while.

Then Mom invited me over to the tasty plant.
I could hardly refuse!

Then, to my dismay, she took another
embarrassing photo of me!

What is up with that, Mom?

I look really weird!

Now THIS is the photo I approve:

Once we returned to the patio,
I remembered my new spot.

Mom doesn't like that she can't see me there if 
she sits down on the patio chair.
So she made me come back into view.

Personally I think she should just bring her chair
over to the grass where she can see me.

I did, however, enjoy the spot she suggested.

It wasn't long before Mom and Daddy decided 
to take me for a Caturday outing.

We went to the park by the river.

I was a little unnerved by the people
out on the water, but ultimately not too bothered.

I began to relax.

The view was pretty awesome.

Then I heard it.
That most terrible of sounds.
The skateboard!

At first I burrowed underneath Daddy legs.
He was sitting on the ground right at my level,
so it was the closest possible place to hide.

Then Mom and Daddy sat on the bench
and put me between them.

This was alright, but I could still hear those skateboards!

I saw a small opening in the pocket of Daddy's hoodie,
so I took it!

I didn't exactly fit, but I didn't care.

Eventually the skateboards could no longer be heard.

So, after a bit of coaxing, I began to calm down again.

Then, just as we were on our way back to the car...
...those darn skateboards again!

I hid in the nearest plant!

As soon as they left
I was happy to get into the car and go home.

Besides, the sun would be setting soon.

Of course, when we did get home, I wanted to go
out again for a nighttime walk!

We didn't stay out as long as I would have liked,
but I guess I'll take what I can get.