Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hours Outside

Yesterday was really hot.
Mom got up earlier than usual and left me.
When she came home, she had her friend
and Quiet Girl with her.
I think I'll call Mom's friend "the Tricky One".

While it was still really hot,
the humans all went swimming.
Finally, as the sun set, it began to cool down...a little.

Since the evening was still warm,
we enjoyed time out on the patio.

Eventually Daddy came home and the Monday People also began to show up.

Quiet girl tried to play with me, but I wasn't sure I was in the mood.

Facetious Human had a backpack with her...
I found it to be less than trustworthy.

So I took up residence on the sidewalk.

The Tricky One tried to convince me she was nice.

However, she IS tricky.
So, when she offered her foot for me to smell,
I declined.
I opted, instead, to smell Quiet Girl's foot.

So the Tricky One continued in her attempts
to get me to trust her.

Honestly, I think that's going to take a bit.
It's not that she's not nice, it's that she is nice.
Cat logic, you know.

At some point, after the sun had set, I realized that
I hadn't been into the office to visit the Nice Ladies.
So I sat by the door to the office and waited.

All the humans, however, remained on the patio.
(I'm very small in the background)

I came to realize that, despite the fact that it was 
now nighttime, the humans were going to remain outside!

So, under their watchful eyes, I began to chase bugs.

Every once in awhile I would return to the
door that leads to the Nice Ladies office.

No matter how patient I was, Mom still didn't take me in there.
She said that the Nice Ladies had gone home for the day.

Eventually, so did all the other humans.
I must admit that it was a pretty awesome day.
I got to stay outside with my humans for hours!
We only went indoors after the sprinklers came on.
No point in getting wet.

I hope Tuesday is as good as Monday was!