Monday, June 8, 2015

Lonely Day, Lovely Day

This weekend we said farewell to
Nice Lady.
Yeah, no #1.
There's a new Nice Lady 1 now.
Since the original Nice Lady says she'll
still visit me, then she will remain Nice Lady
without numbers.  Because she is the original...
...and I am really fond of her.

Saturday I felt ignored.
Mom and Daddy left me for HOURS.
I don't care if they said it was Nice Boy's graduation.
I need to be the center of attention,

So naturally I rebelled.

Sunday was beautiful.

Really beautiful.

I didn't even care that there were tons of 
humans in the pool area right next to my home.

I went right by the tasty plant and had myself
a good roll on the sidewalk.

Eventually I returned to the safer,
lesser tasty plant close to home.

It was quite lovely.

I wanted to stay outside until well after dark.
Maybe finish things off with a good nighttime recon.

Mom and Daddy, on the other hand,
had indoor plans.

Well,  looks like it's back to rebelling.

Make no mistake, however, things will start going my way.