Friday, June 5, 2015

Changing Humans

The past few days started to feel like old times.
I've been able to enjoy a little supervised outdoor time.

I also enjoyed visits to the Nice Ladies' office.
There was something new there.
Well, someONE new.

It seems Nice Lady 1 has been training someone
to take her place.
That means I have to get used to a NEW Nice Lady 1.
I was just getting attached to the current Nice Lady 1.

Well, after that realization, I had to 
check out the rest of the place.

I also had to take a moment to come to terms with the news.

I tried to get comfortable with the idea.

I tried to imagine what the office would be like
without my usual Nice Lady 1.

At least, it seems, that her trainee is quite nice.
I suppose I could get used to her.

One other thing seemed to be back like old times.
Teenagers came to my house.
Not just the usual Tornado Girl visit,
but old friends too.
Louder Girl and her brother joined us.
So I took to the bottom floor of my box hotel.

At least the patio was nice.
Well, except that, with the pool open
there's quite a bit more human activity in my territory.

I try to keep a wary eye on them.

Still. the days are starting to be a lot more like summer.

Everything is in full bloom.

The birds are out and about.

The sidewalks are sunny and perfect for rolling on.

The tasty plant is...tasty.

Which means that Mom has ample opportunities 
to take embarrassing photos of me.

The truth is,
one must first search out the best bits.

Then one chomps down on the tasty goodness.

I've also been able to enjoy some good snuggle time.

Everything's pretty good.
Come to think of it, the only thing missing is...
my nighttime recons.

That needs to change.