Thursday, June 25, 2015

Conversations With Felix

Yesterday I took my sweet time waking up.

It looked like it was going to be another gorgeous day.

When I finally got around to getting out of bed,
I went outside to enjoy the nice weather.
Tornado Girl was visiting per usual Wednesday.
I think I'm finally getting used to her.

Felix made an appearance in his window,
so I went over to discuss the terms of our
neighborship....if there is such a word.

After he explained his boundaries to me,
I returned to my patio to explain mine.

I waited for him to come and see them...

...but he seemed content to stay behind his window screen.

So I moved to a spot directly underneath MY window
so he could plainly see were my territory was.

Then, I promptly returned to my patio and waited.
For a minute there I thought he might be coming to visit...

...but it was just some stray human passing by.

Eventually Daddy came home and took Mom and Tornado Girl
away per usual Wednesday.

While I was home alone, I decided to play with Mimzy.
I did not, however, put her in my food bowl.
Instead, I left her in the bathroom.

Later, after my humans had settled in for the night,
I decided it was still up to me to entertain myself.

I've been enjoying the box that Daddy recently
brought home for me from Boxco.

It has some nice holes to push toys through.

I was having a great time...

...until I remembered that Mom had the camera.

All in all, not a bad day.