Monday, June 15, 2015

June at Last

Lately I've been enjoying warm days.
I must admit, that I've put little thought into
keeping up my blog lately.
Let's face it, my mind was on chasing bugs,
birds, and strings.

It's been so nice that Mom and Daddy have
spent an agreeable amount of time outside
with me.

The sun's been out later and later each day,
leaving more time for play.

Of course, occasionally one must enjoy
the outdoors from the cool of the house.

I was also able to continue getting to know my neighbor, Felix.

We're agreeing on some terms of our 'friendship'.

However, he seems a bit obsessed with my tail.
I have to wonder if he has any toys.

Whatever, he's not getting any of mine.

I've also been able to end my days with a nice 
snuggle on Mom's lap.

I hope all my readers are having a pleasant summer too.