Sunday, May 31, 2015

Family and Felines

The past few days I was still feeling out of sorts.

I was even beginning to find bird stalking...

...less than satisfying.

I tried to keep my focus.

When Mom's good friend Quiet Girl
came to visit, I took the time to try to reclaim my enthusiasm.

With Quiet Girl behind the camera,
Mom was able to focus on play.

I tried.
I really did.

However, I still couldn't shake the feeling that
something was off.

Then Caturday happened.
Auntie and Uncle came over and took Mom away.
I became so lonely that I actually sat in the window
and watched for their return.

It took forever, but they finally came back.
I watched in disbelief.
I couldn't even comprehend what I was seeing,
so I stayed in the window.
Even though I felt that I couldn't trust my eyes,
my sense of smell was a different story.
It was Daddy!

He had been gone so long
I thought I'd never see him again,
but there he was!

I began to feel better.
I went outside for a good roll on the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, it's that time of year.
So I found myself covered in yellow pollen.

No matter.
Something else quickly caught my attention.
The neighbor cat, Felix, was in his window!

I quickly and enthusiastically tried to make friends.

Just between you and me,
I don't think he can be trusted.

Just when I thought we weren't going to get along,
we found something in common.
That big black dog walked by.

Suddenly, Felix and I were on the same page.

We watched until the dog was
well past my house.

Then we resumed our conversation. 

I tried my best,

but I soon realized that I was left
talking to my own reflection.

That was fine.
I still had my family all together.

So I settled down next to Daddy and enjoyed my moment.