Thursday, January 1, 2015

Starting 2015 with My 500th Post!

My first blog post was on
the 13th of May, 2013.
It had 2 pictures.
That's right, 2.

These two:

Yep, I was cute then too.
Now I'm on my 500th post!
That's right, 500th!

Tuesday we only went to the Nice Ladies' office
for a brief visit.

I didn't even have to wear my collar because
it was so cold outside that Mom carried me 
straight across to the side door.

On the way back I just bolted home.

Brrr! Too cold!  
At that moment it was about 9F/-12C!

I was completely restless for much of the day.
Mom picked up on the fact that I had cabin fever.
So we played together for awhile.

Here's a montage:

That got my wiggles out!

Later I checked in on the computer.

Then I took a interest in watching Mom play Skyrim.

Wednesday I was left home alone for awhile.

When Mom and Daddy finally came back,
I gave them my opinion about being left 
by going up to my Alternate Box of Rebellion.

Mom snapped this embarrassing photo of me:

All I could say to that was,
"Really, Mom? Really?"

Then she turned on Skyrim, so I came to watch.

I eventually opted for a good catnap instead.
That is, until Mom and Daddy woke me and said
that it was almost the new year.

A whole new year!

Mom and Daddy went outside to ring in the year.
I stared at them from the safety of the hallway.
After all, there was far too much noise out there!
(Also, it was still in the single digits.)

I had my own idea about how to begin the new year.

That's right, a good meal and my 500th blog post!

Happy New Year everyone out there
on the interwebs!