Friday, January 16, 2015

Out of Sorts

Yesterday, while in the Nice Ladies' office,
 I almost did it again...
...but I caught myself.

I quickly regained my composure.

Mom actually took me for a brief evening recon later.

It was brief because it was evening and there
were still too many humans out and about.
So I became nervous quickly and headed for home.

After that I felt a bit out of sorts.
It wasn't a rebellious sort of mood,
just uneasy, I guess.

Once it got quiet outside, I wanted to try for that
recon again, but it was raining.

We usually don't get so much rain, especially in
January when we should be getting snow or freezing fog.
Anything but rain.

After I finished gazing forlornly at the outdoors,
Mom let me watch my favorite YouTube video.

That held my attention for quite awhile. least until the fridge began
making an interesting noise.

I'm still wondering how long winter is,
but at least the sun is setting later.