Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Crying Wolf

My weekend was largely uneventful.

I spent some time doing this:

I also spent some time doing this:

By the time Monday rolled around I finally
got out of the house.

Much to my surprise, the snow had melted!
So I took my time crossing the grass.

At first I enjoyed visiting the Nice Ladies' office
as usual, but that changed.

When Mom put my harness back on me I suspected
something was amiss.

I was right.

Something came out of Nice Lady 1's office.
Let me tell you, I didn't like what I saw.

It came right at me.

Sure, it wasn't aggressive.
Sure, she just seemed curious.
Sure, I was safe in Mom's arms.

Sure, you might be thinking, 'what a beautiful dog'.

However, where you cry dog...

...I cry wolf!

Maybe she was part dog, but she sure was
mighty stealthy for a dog!
Wolf I tell you!

Just when I decided it was O.K. to relax,
I felt something touch my tail.
At first I thought it was Mom, (I was 
sitting safely in her lap after all), but
when I turned to look...WOLF!

She had snuck up behind me!

I've never known a plain ol' dog that could do that!

Well, I had had enough!

Fortunately the wolf left.

Once I was back in my home,
I made Mom walk with me to check 
all the  rooms.

Everything was as it should be.

Later, Other Aunt and Uncle came over.
Yep, a nice normal event.

After they left, Daddy played with me.

I rather enjoyed it.

After that, however, I was bored again.

I began to think about what might soothe my soul.

After watching Mom play Skyrim for a bit,
I curled up and stared her down.

I had come to a conclusion.
The only thing that would make me happy
is a good nighttime recon.

After all, one must make sure there
are no wolves lurking about.