Friday, January 2, 2015

Thanks Everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone
 for all the Happy New Year wishes!
Not to mention all the faithful following!

Now, about yesterday.
Let's just say it was a beautiful start to the year.
The sun was shining...

...the birds were flying.

The only problem was the temperature.

So Mom, Daddy and I stayed in...mostly.

Mom played Skyrim again.
Have I mentioned that I love this game?

I especially like to watch the horse!

Okay, sometimes I get a little too involved.

I did go outside for a bit.
I couldn't resist...even though Mom
and Daddy called me crazy.

I didn't stay out there for very long, of course.
Seriously, my butt got FRIGID!

I explained to Mom that she needed to 
make it warmer outside.

She said she had no power over that.
Well, I had to try.

Eventually Uncle came over.
He played Skyrim too.

Then all the humans went out for a bit.
They weren't gone for very long.

I was happy to have them back;
especially Mom's lap with blanket.

After a good long nap, I got bored.
Proper bored.

Mom started calling this my 
"Box of Boredom".

It's conveniently placed right in front of my toybox
to convey the proper message.

I sat in the box until Mom noticed.
Then I asked about going outside again.

When that failed,
I went to my toybox and,
instead of choosing a toy, I climbed on top.

Then I ran amok.

All that was left to do after that was pout 
until bedtime.

So I did.