Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Seed of Rebellion

Yesterday started off normal enough,
but already there was a seed of rebellion 
growing inside me.

Mom and I made the usual rounds.
Seeming to be in a pretty good mood,
I was very well behaved in the Nice Ladies' office.

Later that evening Other Aunt and Uncle came over.

At this point I curled up on Mom's lap.
Things still appeared normal, but that seed 
was taking root.

By the time Auntie and Uncle joined the party,
I had moved into the dining room to be alone.

I felt a bit ignored.

So, you'd think that having Mom come over
to give me some attention would be a good thing.

It wasn't.

That seed of rebellion had taken root and
I lashed out at Mom.

I was in a terrible mood!

Mom tried to get me to mellow out,
but all I did was get more rebellious.

This time I jumped up onto the kitchen counter
and helped myself to some fish flavored water.

I gave Mom such a look when she scolded me!

Well, after that I spiraled out of control.
My rebellion was in full bloom.
By the time I hissed at Other Uncle, I was 
 well onto Mom's bad side.

Auntie tried playing with me to give my
attitude a place to go.

I guess it worked.
It was either that or the fact that I was
not getting what I wanted.

I finally decided that it might be a good idea
to calm down.
I went back into the dining room and 
curled up again.

This time, when Mom came to give me
some attention, I remained calm.

I had a much better attitude.

I can't say I was a perfect angel the rest of the night,
but that rebellion that had grown inside of me
was wilting away.