Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Springtiime in January

So, I'm back.
Well, truthfully, I didn't go anywhere.

The weather has been strangely springlike.

As a result, I've been able to enjoy the patio...even at night.

With the nice weather, I even got to go for a nighttime recon.

Then, a week ago Saturday, Mom and Daddy went berserk!

I mean, truly out of their human minds.

They absolutely tore apart the living room.
Nothing was left in the same spot.
Sure, some things only moved a little bit,
but the majority of things were moved all over the place!

There was vacuuming too!
Now, I hate that carpet monster, but I was 
so curious about what was going on, I stuck around
and watched from the dining room.

After what seemed like for-e-ver, Mom and Daddy
settled down in what looked like an entirely new room.
They seemed quite pleased with themselves.

I have to admit, I like where things ended up.

I can actually access the window from my box hotel.

I can also survey much of the surrounding area from there.
And I must say, there is some spectacular floor space.

I did have to get used to a new running trajectory.
It used to be a straight shot from the door down the hallway.

Now I have to arc a bit, but I adjusted quickly.

I was pretty excited about the whole arrangement,
so I began to romp.

With the rest of my stay-at-home vacation, I did
some serious relaxing.
I not only napped on Mom's lap,
but often chose Daddy's.

I like the new view from the recliner.

When Auntie and Uncle came to visit,
I shared the recliner with Auntie.

Yep, this new arrangement suits me just fine.

I did put Mimzy in the food bowl...once.

Then the weather just kept getting better.
Mom even wore flip-flops!

I enjoyed my visits to the Nice Ladies' office.

I enjoyed amazing sunsets.

I looked for mice in the tasty plant.

I continued to enjoy my new box hotel location.

Yesterday was so spring-like that I got in a great 
roll on the sidewalk.

I got myself good and dirty!

Other Aunt and Uncle came over yesterday
as usual...although they missed last Monday.
They seemed to approve of the new living room too.

Everything was perfect.
Well...almost perfect.

I'd like to take this moment to remind 
Mom that the weather is still quite amazing.
Therefore, she has no excuse not to take me
for a nice long nighttime recon.