Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Search for Flavor

Yesterday things were back to normal.
When we went to visit the Nice Ladies' office
I climbed up on the chair next to Mom as usual.

This time, however, I failed to avoid disaster.

Yep, not only once, but twice.
I was just lucky Mom didn't catch the 
second fail on camera.

Mom felt otherwise.

I also sat in the chair next to the window.
It was a nice day!

The temperatures finally got above freezing.

I got bored after awhile and begged Mom to go home.
Well, not 'home' exactly.

I paused and looked at the snow for a moment.

Then I went to investigate the status of the tasty plant.

Status:  covered in snow; still not tasty.

Fortunately, Mom found something tasty for
me once we got into the house.

Tuna water.
The only thing to get a 7 on my scale.

Although, this time it rated a 6.
Maybe a 6.5.

Later, I tried to improve the taste of my normal
food by applying Mimzy for seasoning.

That fell short too.

When Daddy came home from work, he played Skyrim.
So I chose his lap instead of Mom's.

At this point, however, I really can't wait for springtime.