Thursday, January 8, 2015

Purrfect End to a Lonely Day

Yesterday things were back to normal.
That is, Tornado Girl came over, then she
and Mom left me.
It'd been awhile since Mom left me on a Wednesday.
I was beginning to think that was normal.
I was wrong.

So, while I was alone in the house and feeling
pretty negleted, I turned to Mimz for comfort.

By the time Daddy brought Mom home I was 
pretty starved for attention.
I meowed and meowed until Mom finally picked me up.

I was so content at that moment that I actually
gave in to purring...a rare thing for me.

Mom held me for a good long time.
Just as long as I wanted and no more.
Purrfect, Mom.  Purrfect.

After Mom ate dinner, (which took 
forever if you ask me), she actually kept
a promise she gave me earlier in the day.

She gave me exactly what I've been missing
most of winter!

You guessed it.
Nighttime recon!

I can't tell you how happy I was walking
next to Mom; taking in the night air with
all it's scents.

I even discovered a little more about the
mystery of people bringing trees into their houses.

It seems they leave them outside when their done.

Well, that just makes even less sense now.

When we went back inside, Mom took
my harness off of me and gave me a good
scratch where it had been.

So, even though the day got off to a rough and 
very lonely start, it sure did end well!