Friday, January 30, 2015

Enough with the Changes, Humans!

Yesterday some guy came into my house.
He started moving things around in all the rooms.
He got into closets; he changed everything around the TV.
He would leave the house only to come back.
Mom insisted that he was a dear friend, but I 
was uncomfortable with more change.

Seriously, humans, when are all these
changes to my world going to stop?

After he left, I was happy to visit the Nice Ladies' office.
Although, they made changes there too.  I think there's an epidemic!
Now the Nice Ladies share one office and 
the Maintenance Guys have the other.

At least the lobby seemed mostly normal.

I did get to enjoy the patio for a bit, even though
the weather's beginning to turn cold again.

While I was out there, I discovered something awesome.
A new cat has moved in right next door!

He's a Russian Blue named Felix.
Well, let me tell you, when I saw him sitting in the 
window I just couldn't contain myself!

I climbed up onto the neighbor's rocks,
(which Mom doesn't normally allow),
lept right up onto the neighbor's AC box and 
introduced myself.

The human inside even tried to open the window
so we could smell each other.
That seemed to make Felix a little nervous,
so the window stayed closed.

When Daddy came home, I was disappointed that
he took Mom away.
She's not supposed to leave me on Thursdays.

However, while she was gone, Daddy and I had visitors.
Uncle came over and so did Other Aunt.
I admit, it was a little confusing have my 
Aunts and Uncles mixed up like that, but it was still nice.

When Mom finally came back home, I hoped for
a good nighttime recon.

After all, there are some things to consider.
That guy did something to the outside of the building too,
so I would like to check it out.

Not to mention I want to see if Felix is in the window.