Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another New Year?

The past couple of days have been uneventful...
for me anyway.
I began my days with a nice sit in the window.

Followed by a brief time in my Alternate Box of Rebellion.

On Thursday Mom went crazy spring cleaning, so I settled onto 
the back of the couch for a good long nap.

Eventually I began to think about a change.

A thought process which took awhile.

 Mom had finally sat down, so I thought about
climbing onto her lap.

Not quite the right angle of approach.
She wasn't sitting in the good chair,
so I found it difficult to settle in.

Finally I found a mostly acceptable position.

Apparently it's also been Chinese New Year.
So Uncle as well as Other Aunt and Uncle have 
visited for the past two evenings.

Friday Mom actually left me for hours.
When she and Daddy returned, they smelled like 
Chinese food.
Well, I wasn't interested in any of that.
Where's my new year's catnip?

 I was extra disappointed when human social hour
came about.
I went and sat alone in the dining room for awhile.

Now, I know I look really upset in that photo, 
but the truth is that I was at the end of a good yawn.
I was incredibly bored after all.

After asking for some attention, (to no avail),
I joined them in the living room.

After the excess humans left my house,
I decided there was nothing left to do except return
to my spot on the back of the couch.

So tell me... when's the year of the cat?