Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Doorknob Conundrum

Yesterday I woke up thinking about one thing:
going outside.
If only I could figure out the doorknob conundrum.

However, when Mom got ready to go on the usual rounds,
I went up into my Alternate Box of Rebellion.
So she went without me.

About the time I thought she would come home, get me,
and return to the Nice Ladies' office...she came home.
Perfect, right?
She set down the mail and went back out without me!
Well! There was only one thing I could do.

That's right.
I turned to Mimzy for comfort.

Finally Mom returned and let me outside.
I gave her the cold shoulder.

After ignoring her for quite awhile, I could no
longer hold my grudge.
So I returned to the indoors and soaked up some
 much needed attention from Mom.

However, after Daddy came home, they left me again.
I had already done the one thing I could do.
So I sought out something new.
Well...slightly new...
I put the Falcon in the food bowl.

That's right.
I dragged my Millennium Falcon on a string
all the way down the hall to the food dish.

After that Mom and Daddy visited with Computer Aunt
and watched TV.

So all I could do was curl up near Mom...

...and dream about overcoming that obstacle.

"Hello, my old nemesis."