Friday, February 27, 2015

End of the World?

Well I guess Tuesday night was my last
moment of normalcy.

After getting a little play in,
I settled down near Mom per usual.

I was happy and I was cute.

Then came Wednesday...
and an annoying noise.
Annoying, yet tolerable.
It seems some changes were being made around the pool.

I watched from the safety of my Alternate Box of Rebellion.

The troubling thing was that Mom said it would be worse 
when Thursday came.

Well...IT WAS!

I was sure the world had ended.
The noise was like nothing I had heard before.

To make matters worse, Mom LEFT me!
Sure, she apologized profusely both before her departure
and after her return.
That did little to calm my frazzled nerves.
At first I tried the watching from the Alternate Box
of Rebellion as I had the day before,
but it wasn't enough.

So I retreated to the bedroom where the sound was 
much more bearable.
Mom tried to make sure I had all my comforts before
she left me.
She gave me Mimzy next to my food bowl.
She even brought my box hotel, (new penthouse included),
into the bedroom for me.
Despite all of her efforts, however, my nerves were still shot.
By the time she returned home the pool area was

I tried to take comfort on her lap for awhile.
Then, not long after Daddy returned home,
Mom left AGAIN!
What is going on here?!
At least this time Daddy stayed home with me.
When Mom finally returned home,
I tried once again to settle onto her lap to soothe my
frayed nerves.
At some point a person walked by our windows.
A perfectly normal event, to be honest,
but I jumped up, kept low, and scuttled to the hallway.
From there I peered into the living room to see if it was safe.
Mom was quick to try to comfort me again.
I just don't know if I can handle this.

Eventually I claimed the recliner for myself
and tried to regain my composure.

I tried to tell myself it would all be alright.

"Really, Self, it will all be ju-u-st fine."

Some how myself is not convinced.

I can't help notice that Mom hasn't given me
any assurances that Friday will be any better.