Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Yesterday, after my visit to the Nice Ladies' office,
I wandered over to the tasty plant.
Unfortunately it still hasn't turned green.

So I decided I needed a good roll on the sidewalk.

I got myself good and dirty!

Mom didn't seem interested in staying outside for very
long at all.  I suppose it MIGHT have been a 
bit chilly for someone without fur.

After staying indoors for the rest of the day,
I became restless.
Of course, that means I started running around the house.

Mom decided to help out by playing string with me.

I really got into it for a bit!

Then she found out that my hideaway
fits snugly on top of my box hotel.

Well!  I just HAD to investigate THAT!
So we played there for awhile.

I decided that I like having it so high up.

Yep, this will make a good napping spot.