Thursday, February 19, 2015

Early Spring

Yesterday was proof that the humans are 
giving up on winter and calling it springtime.
The proof was in the sound of a lawnmower,
(or Grass Monster if you prefer).

So, when Mom got ready to go on the usual rounds,
I didn't retreat to any of my Boxes of Rebellion.
Instead I went under the bed.

When Mom returned home, she had Tornado Girl with her.

At first I tried to ignore everything.

Then Mom and Tornado Girl went and sat outside.
Well, I couldn't pass up that opportunity, so I joined them.

At least I got to see part of an amazing sunset.

I say 'part' because before it was over, that guy came
and took Mom and Tornado Girl away.

At least Daddy came home.
He gave me some proper attention.

When he finally left and returned with Mom, I was ready
to go on a nighttime recon.
I mean...I was READY.

Well I guess Mom couldn't ignore that,
so she actually took me!

Nighttime recon!

After a good perimeter check,
I was content to finish my recon from the patio.

After awhile I got a bit chilly,
so I went inside for a good snuggle.
I chose Daddy's lap.

After all, he kept me company when I most needed it.