Monday, February 23, 2015

A Hint of Winter

This weekend winter tried to return.
It even tried to snow.
Thankfully, not enough to stick to the ground.

Mom, Daddy, and I tried to fight the winter by going
on a nice Caturday outing.

After wandering around a couple of stores,
we noticed that the sunset was even happening an hour 
earlier because the clouds were so low.

So we drove to that place Mom goes to on Wednesdays.

From there we had a great view of the sunset.

Although, after getting out of the car for a bit to
look at it, Daddy and I decided the view was better 
from inside the car.

Mom alone braved the bitter nip in the wind.

Eventually the sunset began to fade.

So we drove home.

Admittedly, I really enjoyed my car ride.

Once home, Mom and Daddy played with me.

I had a blast!

Sunday, however, was a different story.
While winter still tried to hang on, the humans settled
into their 'do nothing' winter mode.
I didn't really feel like I was getting the attention I needed.

I ate dinner with Mimzy.

Maybe the new week will bring back the spring weather...
as well as my humans' springtime mood.