Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ignore the Cat

Yesterday seemed normal.
I thought I could carry on as usual.
Then, just when I thought it was about time to
settle down with my humans and watch some TV,
new people arrived.

My Mom's nephew and his girlfriend came into my house.

At first, I stuck to my napping spot on the back of the couch.
Then, after I had investigated their scents to my satisfaction,
I waited to become the center of attention.

Well, THAT never happened.
So I retreated to my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

After being ignored a while longer, I retreated a
step further into my Alternate Box of Rebellion.
Sure, Mom and the new girl took my picture,
but that's not the kind of attention I needed.

I heard the humans discussing plans for the next day.
Well that's just great.
I guess I'll just plan to be ignored again!
I'll even mark it on my calendar!

11 February 2015: Be Ignored.

After the new humans left, I returned to the back of the couch.

I began to think that the least Mom could do for me
is take me for a nighttime recon.

Something tells me it'll be DAYS before that happens!