Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Yesterday I felt a bit melancholy.

I spent much of my day moping in one place, then another.

Eventually Mom surprised me with the offer of a 
nighttime recon.
My eyes brightened a bit when I saw the 
harness in her hand.

I forced myself into an upright position and looked
out the door.

Not raining currently, but wet just the same.
I showed no enthusiasm for leaving the patio.
So Mom exchanged my leash for the tether.

I watched as she walked toward the tasty plant.
After a long ponder, I asked to join her.
She put me back on the leash.
I, however, decided that was about it for me and
opted to return to the indoors.

So Mom took me out the other door to see 
if it would suit me any better.

It didn't.

After a brief look around the corner, 
I returned to the front door and waited for 
Mom to open it.

Still, a part of me still longed for the outdoors.
So I asked to be let out on the patio again.

I was careful not to touch the wet grass.

Mom saw no need for the tether.
Instead she just sat and watched me.

It was positively dreadful.
Here I was outside;
Mom...completely willing to give me my recon,
but my melancholy could not be shaken.

My world view had gone grey.

Nothing, not even my beloved nighttime recon
could pull me out of it.

So I shook my damp paws, returned to the indoors,
and groomed away the phantom harness from my shoulders.

I then returned to my perch...

...which offered no more comfort than it had before I left it.