Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Passing Time

I didn't do much the last few days.
Which, for a cat, is perfect.

My humans came and went all weekend.
So I had to entertain myself.
I tried playing with some toys I had all but forgotten about.
I ended up dragging my Falcon all over the house.

I spent a lot of time on the bottom floor of my box hotel
just watching the humans hang out.

I only felt the need to put Mimz in my food bowl once.

When Monday rolled around, Mom took me to check the 
mail before realizing it was a "no mail" day.

Still, we had a good visit at the Nice Ladies' office.
I got in a good squirm on the chair.

It's still been oddly spring-like, which is nice.

Of course, this probably means we'll get snow in June.

The Monday People came to visit on schedule.
I took that time to nap either near Mom or on a dining room chair.

Of course we all know what I really want...

...nighttime recon, of course!