Tuesday, February 3, 2015

An End to the Madness

Mom FINALLY finished changing my world around.

She even managed to move the ONE chair which
had my location stamp of approval.
Fortunately, I approve of it's new spot as well.

My food and water are in much the same place,
just a foot closer to the wall.

After some investigation, I approved the
new desk location.  It gives me easy 
access to the window.

Also, Mom put this string dangling from it,
so I can amuse myself on occasion.

It's conveniently located above my toy box.

After I completed a full investigation,
I returned to the chair.

So, after a days of things being moved and a weekend 
without wifi, Monday proved to be normal.
Other Aunt and Uncle even showed up on time.

Mom took me outside to visit my new neighbor.
She even let me go right up onto his patio to say 'hi'.

Unfortunately, he gave me the cold shoulder.
After that Mom made me go back inside without 
so much as a nighttime recon.

I don't care how cold she was, it's her fault she didn't
put a jacket on!

Well, at least it seems that all the human madness has finally come to an end.
Now things had better start going my way!