Sunday, February 8, 2015

Caturday Plant Quest

Yesterday Mom went to get the mail and visit
the Nice Ladies without me.
I meowed and meowed until she came home.

Then she and Daddy began to get ready to leave the house.
So I sat in protest.
No need for an ultimate rebellion; I made my point
with my trusty ol' original Box of Rebellion.

Well, I wasn't left behind this time.

We drove to the store to buy me some more litter.

Well, I definitely need that, but it's not my favorite
thing in the world to shop for.

I decided to make the best of things while we were there 
by trying out the various cat trees.
(Which I NEVER get to bring home!)

Fortunately, I convinced Mom and Daddy to buy
me something other than litter.

I put forth a pretty sound argument for getting an
indoor tasty plant...since the one outside is 
dead from the winter months.

I didn't even have to wait until we got home to eat some.

Of course, after a few more stops, I was
happy to get back to my nice dry house.
It was starting to rain after all.

After relaxing at home for a bit,
I began to notice that something was wrong.

I tried to explain this to Mom and Daddy,
but they just weren't getting it.

FINALLY Mom's light bulb flickered on.
They had forgotten to bring my tasty grass 
in from the car!
Well!  Naturally Mom went out to get it right away.

I accepted her apologies.

"Nom nom...just..nom..don't
happen again..nom nom nom."