Sunday, May 10, 2015

Playful Caturday

Yesterday the weather was great!

As a result, Mom, Daddy, and I took time to
enjoy the patio.
Mom even played with me!

I had a great time!

What better way to spend a Caturday afternoon?

Well, as it turns out, Mom and Daddy still made time
for our usual Caturday car ride.

Having spent a lot of energy playing in the grass,
I ended up napping through much of my ride.

What, with the warm sun and all, it was 
difficult not to succumb to the call of slumber.

I did manage to perk up for some of it at least.

Once we got home, I was in no hurry
to get back into the house.

I just wasn't ready for such a beautiful day to end.


Be sure to check out the full video of my playtime HERE