Saturday, May 2, 2015


Yesterday I was back to making the usual rounds with Mom.

When I got into the Nice Ladies' office,
I discovered that my chair had been moved further from the door.

As a result, I felt a strong urge to go home.

Mom wasn't very quick on the uptake,
so I decided to make good use of the chair.

Eventually I gave up altogether and made myself at home.

Once we finally went outside, I was able to enjoy the day.
I spent much time over by the tasty plant.

Of course, at the first sign of something not to my liking,
I returned to the security of the patio.

I tried to stalk some birds,
but, as usual, Mom interfered.

As the day went on, the sun became more obscured
and the wind got a bit chilly.

So I asked Mom to share the chair with me... well as a little of her warmth.

I was content on Mom's lap for quite awhile.

I even took the time to get a little grooming in.

After Daddy came home and joined us on the patio,
I decided to claim a chair all for myself.

Once I wandered off the patio for a bit,
I saw the neighbor cat sitting in his window.
So I immediately ran up to say 'hi'.

Mom scolded me and said that the neighbor cat 
didn't like me being so forward.
Since he left his window sill, I guess Mom was right.
Still, I really want to get to know him.

Then, just after that, when the sun was setting beautifully,
Auntie and Uncle arrived.

So we all went indoors and had a nice evening.
I took up residence on a chair near Mom.

All was well...except for this picture that makes my butt look big.
Thanks, Mom.