Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Amazing Day

Yesterday something amazing happened.
You see, Tuesday was the 3rd anniversary
of my adoption.
My Gotcha Day.
But Mom seemed too busy to pay much attention to me.
I thought she had forgotten altogether.
As it turns out, she made it up to me.
It started with patio time.
Lots of it.
I took up a prime 'bird stalking' position.

The birds were out in force.

I wanted to chase them, but Mom wasn't about to let me.

So, I decided to join Mom.

I found that I could perch on her knee
and still watch the birds.

I was quite content there for awhile.

Then I gave into my instincts and
made another run at the birds.

Mom, once again, halted my advance.
So I settled into position.

Eventually I had to give up...again.
So I turned to the nearest tasty plant.

Which reminded me that there was
an even better tasty plant nearby.

So I meandered over to THE tasty plant.

To my dismay, Maintenance Guy 1 
was filling the pool and there was 
water blocking my path.

So I gave up and darted across the wet
grass back into my home.

Of course, I wasn't about to STAY inside.
After all, Mom had vacated the comfy chair.

So I took it.

I didn't relax for very long because I could 
still see those birds out there.

So I, once again, inched closer to my prey.

Then I reconsidered the tasty plant.
After all, the water on the sidewalk
wasn't any worse than what was on the grass.

It was worth it.

Then, Mom walked with me to the
end of the building so I could get
a closer look at those darn birds!

I thought that maybe I could pounce on one
when its head was turned.

Then came the realization that
I was right in front of the entrance
to the Maintenance Guy's den.

I forgot that he was still working.
So I was quite startled when he
walked up behind me.

I retreated back to familiar territory.

Mom must've felt bad that I 
couldn't catch any birds.
(Even though she's the one that won't let me.)

So she brought out my feather toy.

I was amazing!

Here are some of the highlights:

The 'mid-air squat'.

The 'blur'.

And the 'leap so high I'm off camera'.

No, seriously.
Look were you can only see the tip of my tail.

After that, I took a long break.
I thought the day had gone pret-ty well.

Then Mom surprised me again!

That's right.
I got to go on a nighttime recon!

I even saw this random cat out in my 

That MY territory!
I tried to chase it down...

...but, you know, leash and all.

After a nice long recon,
Mom let me stay out on the tether.

Admittedly, I didn't stay out for long at all.
You see, Mom actually did a good job.
I could end my day with a nice nap in want of nothing.

Except maybe catching a bird.
Yeah, that would've been nice.