Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Really Enjoying Springtime

Lately I've been enjoying the outdoors
quite a bit.

I've had some good rolls on the sidewalk.

Mom even played with me.

I got really into that for awhile!

I've spent quality time with Mom and Daddy.

I decided to sit on just one of Mom's knees,
instead of the whole lap.

Yeah, we've had a bit of good warm spring weather.

The plants are getting tastier by the day.

New neighbors are moving in upstairs...
I keep hoping to see a new cat in the window.

Daddy got out the tuna.

I politely asked for some of the water.

Then I had only a little taste before leaving the rest in the bowl.

I've had a nice few days.
Friends have visited.
Naps have been taken.

Have I mentioned that I really like spring?

Well, I do.