Friday, May 1, 2015


That past few days I've been a little out of sorts.

Tuesday I began the day by retreating 
to my box hotel due to some monster-ish noises outside.

By the time Mom finally coaxed me outside to enjoy the
nice warm day, I was still feeling a bit insecure.
I asked Mom to come with me over to the tasty plant.
Since the recent trimming, I've been having trouble
getting to the tasty bits.
Fortunately, Mom can reach them for me.

After my snack, I stayed close to home.

Real close.

At least I was able to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Wednesday there were still some noises outside.
Now, however, there were also signs of change 
to the pool area.

So I, once again, began my day retreating into my box hotel.

By the time Thursday rolled around I had resorted
to putting Mimzy in my food bowl.

When I went outside, I began a thorough investigation
of my immediate territory.

I left no stone un-sniffed.

I did enjoy the mat that was placed neatly,
and conveniently, by my tasty plant.

I also examined the planters which had been
moved from around the pool into my area.

After I completed my investigation,
I was finally able to enjoy the day.

I still had a lot on my mind, however.

After all, it's been AGES since I've
been able to fully survey my territory with
a good nighttime recon.

Still, I made the best of a beautiful warm spring day.

I also checked out the changes to the pool area
from the best vantage point I could.

When evening came around, Auntie and Uncle
showed up and, eventually, took Mom and Daddy 
away for hours.
While being left home alone, my worries began
to sink in once again.
I really needed to check my surroundings.

Fortunately, when my humans came home,
Mom seemed to be full of understanding.
I was more than eager to get my harness on
because I knew what it meant.

I finally got my long awaited nighttime recon.

I felt my nerves beginning to calm down.
I only needed one more thing.
A nice warm snuggle on Mom's lap.

Sense of security achieved.